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Gatsu Gatsu ガツガツ

Welcome to Gatsu Gatsu ガツガツ. We established in 2020, serving a range of Japanese style ramen, donburi and various side dishes in the city of Launceston.

Gatsu Gatsu ガツガツ is simply a sound expression of eating hungrily, or gobbling of food. To achieve that, our chef assured you every dish that brought up to you is made fresh, delicious, and with all their heart. 

Whether you are after just a cup of tea and coffee, or a scrumptious meal, or just a quick lunch fix, We will have you cover! 

Now, go and check on our menu and get Gatsu Gatsu ガツガツ!!


to our delicious dishes

We believe taste of each dish dictates by the freshness of its ingredients. From ramen to side dishes, meat to vegetable, all food served in house are made fresh in house from the best ingredient.

Freshness of ingredient matters in all cooking and is our secret to our dishes. We sourced whatever possible locally, and prepare them with all the effort to deliver the best taste. 

Come and indulge in the taste of our dishes. Let's get Gatsu ガツガツ!!

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